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Fidget Toys
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Baby& Kids Accessories
Baby Diaper Caddy

The 15x10x7" caddy is larger than 90% caddies in the market, holds enough
diapers and wipes for a week, plus 8 external pockets for other essentials like
rash cream, hand sanitizer. Made of 100% polyester felt, lightweight yet sturdy with stiff sides that keep their shape, great for traveling back and forth each
week to the babysitter, or for your everyday diapering needs at home.
Wooden Toys
Wooden Letter-Number-Shape Pegboard

Your baby can sort and stack the blocks, then learn to identify the alphabet’s letters, numbers, shapes and colors, it helps preschoolers get ready for writing and reading letters and numbers. while having fun, they're exercising important developmental skills like hand-eye coordination, problem solving skills, fine motor skills and creative thinking.
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